Retail Security in an On-Demand World

The Problem

Store retailers in today’s market are faced with the challenge of preventing product theft while simultaneously providing open access to their merchandise. Research shows closed security systems, where shoppers are prevented from directly accessing merchandise without associate assistance, can have as dramatic of the impact on sales as product theft.

Multi-tier Security Platform

Tier 1

The first level of security starts with
the patented SONR Hook(s). Once raised, a warning beep is emitted to draw attention to the affected retail area and to deter potential shoplifters.

Tier 2

The second tier of security offered
by SONR hooks (patented) starts by installing an
Echo Box at or near a store associate
workstation to mimic all warning beeps
and alarms from the SONR hooks.

Tier 3

The third tier, and most sophisticated level of
security for the SONR Hook (patented), links into existing
security and communicationsystems to suit store needs.



Echo Box

Control box for SONR Hook System (patented) that mimics warning beeps and alarms
from SONR Hooks on the store floor. It also resets alarms and controls
frequency settings. No deactivation device is required for SONR hooks.
Installed up to 25 ft. away. Features multiple RF frequency options for
connecting a variety of different product groups.


Display hook designed to guard against product sweep and notify
store associates when customers have chosen merchandise by emitting a
warning beep or alarm to detract shoplifters.


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SONR Brochure


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