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Reduce product sweep while increasing sales!

The SONIQ™ 2 alarm hook has an open system design that allows customers to remove and replace product without assistance. It uses tested audible cues to deter theft at the product level without having to lock it up.

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How It Works

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Every time a product is removed, an audible beep is heard attracting attention. An extended alarm is heard when the label holder is held up for 10 seconds. The design of the hook stem additionally reduces sweep by slowing down the product removal process.

Why It Works

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Shoplifters are inherently risk-averse, and can be deterred when they receive cues that they interpret as risk. The SONIQ 2 alarm hook’s beep is a clear signal that to shoplifters that they are being monitored. Often this realization alone is enough to deter a thief.

Open Shopping

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Placing merchandise behind lock and key can decrease sales by as much as 38%. The SONIQ 2 alarm hook keeps product shoppable, allowing honest shoppers access to the product without the help of a store associate. Having product in-stock and accessible increases sales.


SONIQ™ 2 Alarming Hook
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