OPEN Merchandising System

Open Merchandising System


OPEN Merchandising System faces high-theft products in an open-sell environment with integrated security features.  By detecting product movement, the OPEN System sends alerts if an unusual amount of products are removed from a facing. Making theft public the moment it happens gives store associates time to respond well before the shoplifter nears the exit.

Open Merchandising System for Razors


OPEN Merchandising System keeps critical products secure by detecting product movement. If a single item is removed, the system sounds a quiet beep to indicate that the product is being monitored and to notify nearby staff of activity.

If an unusual amount of products are removed within a set period of time, the OPEN System recognizes this as shoplifting and sounds an alarm at the display level. An optional public viewing monitor switches from promotional content to recording mode upon product sweep. In addition, the OPEN System can send notification to store associates remotely via pager or overhead page.

Open Merchandising System Sweep Prevention


Open Sell

Brand Impact

Increase Sales



Alarm at Moment of Theft

Reduce Theft

Employee Awareness


anit-theft fixture for pegged products

Pegged Format

product security for packaged goods

Pusher Format

most shoplifted items

Product Usage

  • anti sweep
  • retail theft prevention
  • retail theft
  • organized retail crime
  • retail shrink



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IMCo Shelf

OPEN Merchandising System is powered by the IMCo Shelf™. Originated in Germany, visit to discover the success of the IMCo Shelf™ in the European market and beyond.