Turtle is an all-in-one security sensor with multiple applications. Use the Turtle by itself as an EAS tag or with strapping to protect packaged goods. The Turtle can also be connected to a variety of cable styles to secure demo/display products.

LM Tag™

LM Tag
LM Tag™ combines light and motion sensing technology to alarm when a moving shoplifter conceals a product under clothing or in a bag. By alarming at the moment of theft, the LM Tag alerts you well before the product walks out the door.

SONIQ™ 2 Alarm Hook

Soniq Alarm Hook
SONIQ™ 2 Alarm Hook triggers an audible beep when the label holder is lifted during product removal. Anti-sweep hook design slows down product removal. Features switchable modes so retailers can choose between an alarming function and a “beep only” mode. The new deactivation method utilizes a light sensor eye located behind the label holder and uses the innovative strobe key to deactivate.


Power•1™ combines shopping convenience with robust theft protection. Shoppers press a button to select an individual product which is instantly dispensed into the slot. Buttons illuminate and chime sounds upon dispensing to create a deterrent for shoplifters. All facings are then blocked for a preset time to prevent sweep from occurring.


SelectSafe™ dispenser combines visible product display with theft prevention. Slow-feed dispensing prevents sweep while assistance-free vending ensures shopping convenience. Critical products remain safe without losing brand impact or accessibility.

Stock Security Solutions

Stock security solutions such as anti-theft fixtures, EAS tags, safe cases, security cabinets and more are available through parent company, Southern Imperial.