Turtle is an all-in-one security sensor with multiple applications. Use the Turtle by itself as an EAS tag or with strapping to protect packaged goods. The Turtle can also be connected to a variety of cable styles to secure demo/display products.

LM Tag™

LM Tag
LM Tag™ combines light and motion sensing technology to alarm when a moving shoplifter conceals a product under clothing or in a bag. By alarming at the moment of theft, the LM Tag alerts you well before the product walks out the door.

SONR Hook System

Soniq Alarm Hook
SONR Hook System (patented) provides the perfect solution to this dilemma. Each hook displays merchandise clearly and accessibly while still featuring effective security measures to notify store associates of activity in the area and draw attention to potential shoplifters. SONR hook is battery powered requiring no cords or cables to run through store displays.

SONIQ™ 2 Alarm Hook

Soniq Alarm Hook
SONIQ™ 2 Alarm Hook triggers an audible beep when the label holder is lifted during product removal. Anti-sweep hook design slows down product removal. Features switchable modes so retailers can choose between an alarming function and a “beep only” mode. The new deactivation method utilizes a light sensor eye located behind the label holder and uses the innovative strobe key to deactivate.

Stock Security Solutions

Stock security solutions such as anti-theft fixtures, EAS tags, safe cases, security cabinets and more are available through parent company, Southern Imperial.